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Bianco Carrera
Botticino Fioriti
Calacatta Caldia
Calacatta Ice
Calacatta Vagli
Carrara White
Dover White
Emperador Dark
Fantasy Brown
Mont Blanc
Panda White
Pearl Grey

River Blue

Shadow Storm


Super White

White Fantasy

Marble Countertops

Frequently Asked Questions

Marble countertops are a porous material like other natural stone and will stain if not sealed properly. It is recommended that marble countertops be sealed at least once a year. Sealers can reduce staining and etching on marble countertops as they act as a barrier between the marble and other substances. This layer of sealer gives you more time to clean up before they stain.


Marble still remains a popular choice in kitchen countertops because of its stunning beauty. Nothing can rival the richness and character of marble kitchen countertops. The natural veining of marble is part of what makes it so desirable. It has an elusive quality of softness not normally found in stone, and the delicate patina it develops over time conveys an elegant and sophisticated look. However, even though marble is softer than other options, it is still a very long-lasting material when given the proper maintenance.


Marble can be used in many areas in the home. Marble countertops add timeless beauty and value to your kitchen. They retain a cool temperature and are a great choice for cooks and bakers alike. Dough if rolled on marble countertops will not stick for this reason. Marble is also popular for bathroom vanities. Marble is an investment, and has an unparalleled elegance for countertops. Marble is often a great choice for a fireplace surround because of its beauty and heat resistance.


Marble is easy to clean and maintain. Mix a squirt of mild dish detergent with warm water in a spray bottle. Next spray your marble countertops down generously and scrub with a clean soft cloth. Wipe down with a hot towel until all residue is gone. Dry your marble countertops with a dry absorbent towel. There are also marble cleaners on the market you can purchase if you prefer. Make sure to avoid using anything acidic directly on your marble counters, such as tomatoes, lemon juice and vinegar because they can etch the stone.


The cost for marble countertops varies depending on the square footage of your countertop space, the type of marble, the color, and the level. As one of the most eye-catching and elegant countertop materials, marble can elevate the style of a kitchen or bathroom. While prices on marble can run higher than other materials, the beauty of this natural stone can have a major impact on your space. Typically, you’ll purchase marble countertops by the square foot, meaning the more marble that’s needed, the higher the cost.