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Quality Quartz Countertops

If you are looking for a beautiful, durable and easy to maintain counter, look no further than our large collection of quartz countertops. Quartz has the look and feel of natural stone but added benefits include resistance to stains and does not require sealing. Quartz is a manufactured countertop with an endless variety of colors and patterns to choose from and can give off a very modern look that will last generations. Here are a few notes to consider when looking at quartz for your home.

What is Quartz

Quartz manufacturing starts with crushed raw quartz stone which is nearly as hard as diamond. Resins are then added to bind the crushed quartz into a hard material that is non-porous, resists stains and can withstand heat up to 400 degrees. Molds are used to shape the materials into slabs and pigments are added for color and patterns.

The resulting material is very hard and durable. Because it is not a porous material, the quartz countertop resists moisture, bacteria, and dirt. This helps create the low-maintenance surface quartz counters are known for. These counters do not have to be sealed like other countertop materials or polished to keep their shine.

Why Choose Quartz

There are two main reasons to choose quartz for your kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Function – Quartz brings great value to your home but it also provides an extremely hard and scratch resistant surface for your kitchen and bathroom. The slabs are completely prefabricated and need no secondary work such as sealing treatments. This also makes quartz countertops impermeable by germs and bacteria. Quartz is easy to maintain and no household substance will stain it.

Aesthetics – Quartz can be formed into almost any shape or size and colored to any hue desired. Versatility is quartz’s strong suit, it can be manufactured to any desired color and pattern and so is always available. This also makes quartz very easy to match on corners or if seams are needed.

Benefits of Quartz

Beautiful and versatile, quartz countertops make an excellent addition to any remodeling project. They also offer a few more practical benefits. Here is a quick rundown on them:

Long-lived durability – It took some time and experimentation, but the chemists who developed engineered quartz have developed a truly long lasting product that will not fade or discolor with age.

Ease of maintenance – Cleaning is as simple as it gets, just wipe down the counter with a damp cloth or sponge plus a little soap and water.

Superior hygiene – Quartz almost completely eliminates the infiltration of bacteria and germs as there are no grout lines in its installation. No other maintenance is required as the countertop is hermetically sealed at the factory. Unlike natural stone, no resealing is ever necessary.

Great flexibility – The resin used in quartz countertops is a remarkable product. It not only creates an incredibly hard surface that resists chipping, but also allows for more flexibility in the quartz slab. The result is larger finished slabs that require fewer installation seams.

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