Remnants = Budget Countertops

Marble Quartz Granite countertop remnants selection

If you are looking to save on marble, quartz or granite countertops, remnants may be your answer to a budget friendly remodel. Remnants are smaller pieces of stone countertops that are left over from larger jobs. You likely won’t be able to complete a large kitchen with remnants, but they can be used for bathroom vanities, or if your kitchen counters are made up of smaller sections.

Where Remnants Work Best

Add a project to your main kitchen remodel

Marble bathroom vanity top
Mont Blanc Marble bathroom vanity top

If you are re-doing your kitchen and want to add a bath or laundry room at the same time, remnants from your kitchen may be used in these smaller projects. This can save you money because the fabrication and installation costs are bundled under the main project. This saves your countertop professional travel and fabrication time, and therefore you save on your entire job.

Homes you are selling

Kitchen countertop separated by range
Kitchen countertop separated by range

Whether you are selling you primary residence or an investment property, stone countertops will add value and appeal. Many smaller kitchens have countertops that are sectioned into small pieces. This is a great opportunity to use remnants to update these areas. Since you don’t have to worry about matching color and patterns at seams, you can stick within the same color group on smaller areas and still match the overall look of the countertops.

Another idea is to use one color for a larger area like an island, and a complimentary stone for the smaller sections. Neutral colors that are going to appeal to a large group of buyers are best and many lower cost options have those color traits.

Combine with a tile job

Lennco granite countertop with white subway tile
Lennco granite countertop with white subway tile

Many stone fabricators also have a tile department (Premier Granite also does tile!). That is a perfect time to add natural stone remnants to your tile project. Thinking of doing a tile shower, flooring, or a tile fireplace with stone hearth? Adding remnants can save money and set your project apart. By combining jobs you can avoid additional trip charges or install fees applied to small jobs. It’s a great way to add your personal touch to those little projects that make up the overall feel of your home.

Think small areas

Granite and marble can add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any room in your home. Since remnants are inexpensive but generally come in smaller pieces, they are a great choice for those type of spaces. Keep in mind that small jobs may have an additional trip charge but it will be less than an entire slab or you can save more by combining smaller projects into one.

  • Fireplace
  • Outdoor grill area
  • Half wall cap
  • Shower seat
  • Desk
  • Study corner
  • Bar
  • Wine cooler top

Where Remnants Don’t Work

Fabricators who take pride in the quality of their work will put extra effort to matching color and pattern when doing a job. Often, for large projects, seams are required and the art of matching slabs to make a perfect seam comes from experience and expertise. Slabs from the same bundle are kept together for exact matching which creates the leftover pieces used for remnants. For that same reason, trying to do a large kitchen or bath with remnants would create a problem matching the color and pattern exactly. Each natural stone slab is unique by nature. Even slabs of the same color can vary widely from bundle to bundle.

Stick to smaller projects, different rooms, or areas that are separated for the best looking natural stone remnant renovations.

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