Kalahari Desert – Granite

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Kalahari Desert Granite

Kalahari Desert granite is of Indian origin. Kalahari Desert granite has a beautiful blend of gray, pink and black texture that will enliven any kitchen. It has gorgeous wavy veining along with flecks of gray and black. The wavy veins are striking in the natural stone and will accentuate your entire space. This unique granite will accent either custom dark or light cabinets. A neutral backsplash would work best so this unique granite can be the star of the show!


Kalahari Desert Granite is one of the most durable stone countertops. It is scratch-resistant and heat-resistant You can cut anything and place hot pans directly on your countertop. These are just some of the qualities that make it the perfect choice for many homeowners.

Kalahari Granite is also a gorgeous material. It has a beautiful array of colors and finishes. It could be a perfect focal point for your space. Granite’s finish options include polished, honed, leathered, and flamed.


Since Kalahari Desert Granite is a natural stone, it is porous and needs to be sealed to maintain its beauty and longevity. However, some sealants last for 25 years. Granite has much less maintenance than its other natural stone counterparts.


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