Calacatta Siena – Quartz

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Calacatta Siena Quartz

Calacatta Siena are beautiful trending quartz countertops. The polished white quartz slab has gorgeous gray veining that provides lots of movement throughout the slab. This is a  sleek quartz that looks stunning with a waterfall edge design.  If you are looking for an all white kitchen this would look beautiful with white shaker cabinets and a white tile backsplash.

Popularity of Quartz

Quartz is the most sought-after choice for countertops due to its durability, beauty, and affordable price. Quartz countertops have gained a devout following among designers and homeowners alike. Calacatta Siena Quartz is versatile – perfect for countless designs and applications from durable countertops to flooring.

Quartz Finishes

Calacatta Siena is not only popular because of their durability, uniform movement, and beauty but for their selection of finishes. Since quartz is a manmade product created with resins and recycled materials, it is customizable. Below is a list of the most popular finishes for Calacatta Siena Quartz countertops.


The most well-known finish is polished or ‘high gloss’. All quartz manufacturers offer it, and it intensifies the color and clarity of Calacatta Siena quartz. its glossy, mirror-like sheen is created by polishing with fine abrasive powders and diamond discs.


Honed is a soft, matte finish. It will give your Calacatta Siena countertops a smooth, modern look without a glossy reflection. Manufacturers create this look by not buffing the quartz. A matte finish provides a less formal look for countertops, which may be preferable for those who want a more rustic or earthy atmosphere in their home


One of the newer finishes that is trending is the suede or ‘leathered’ finish. It also features a soft, matte style but has a more textured appearance than honed. The stone’s beautiful, dimpled texture is achieved when diamond-tipped brushes run over honed quartz.

Concrete/ Brushed

Like matte finish quartz, a concrete finish counter does not reflect light. However, in addition, concrete finishes have a soft, velvety texture that many homeowners find appealing. Similar to a matte finish, a concrete finish will slightly alter the color of the quartz as compared to the classic polished finish.



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