finishes for countertops

Mont Blanc marble kitchen island close up

Polished Finish

The polished finish shine of granite is the first finish most people envision when talking about natural stone kitchen countertops. For years, the high-gloss polished finish has been the staple for stylish, elegant, and classic kitchen design. In fact, this finish has become the norm in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.

Honed Finish

This finish is also known as “matte” finish. In the interior and kitchen design worlds it is one of the hottest trends on the market today. Honed surfaces are non-reflective and offer a soft and satin-like haptic. These matte surfaces reflect the ambient lighting with a much softer and intimate effect, adding much charm and coziness to a space.

Fantasy Brown Marble bathroom vanity top with dual sinks


Leathered Finish

One of the more recently trending finishes is the Leathered finish. In the industry the leathered finish is also known as the “brushed” finish. When a material has this amazing finish applied to it you will see all of the natural characteristics of the stone. This distinctive rough look displays the mineral content of the stone while leaving behind a velvet like texture and haptic. A leathered finish will reflect very little light adding a rustic and natural feel to your space.

Black Pearl Granite Leathered Kitchen Island Countertop

Custom Countertop edges

Beveled Edge

A Beveled Edge is a subtle way to bring a viewer’s attention to your countertops. The light reflects off the surface of the 45° angled edge which creates contrast like any well cut gemstone. With its clean angles, the bevel edge fits very well in a contemporary kitchen theme. There are two main bevels on the market, ¼” and ½”.

1/4" Bevel Edge - Countertops Edges
1/2" Bevel Edge - Countertop Edges
Chiseled Edge - Countertop Edges
Gran Paradiso Quartz kitchen countertop rough edged install

Chiseled Edge

The chiseled edge or “raw edge” adds a very different look to your granite countertops compared to a bullnose, bevel, or other edges, giving your kitchen a more natural or rustic appearance. While the chiseled/raw edge may make granite countertops look like the slabs were just broken off, if that was what actually happened it would be much less aesthetically satisfying. So instead, the raw edge effect is created by chiseling the edges off the granite slab, with a tool or machine.This creates a ragged but also sufficiently uniform edge that looks natural but does not contain sharp spurs or other imperfections.

Eased Edge

The Eased Edge offers a clean look while providing a corner that is highly impact-resistant. This edge also provides a safer space as the sharp edges have been rounded over. All of the these amazing features combined with the sleek form allows the eased edge to be very popular for traditional and modern kitchens alike.

Eased Edge - Countertop Edges
Moon Light granite kitchen countertops and custom natural wood cabientry
Half Bullnose Edge - Countertop Edges

Half Round / Bullnose Edge

The Half Round or Half Bullnose edge is the perfect mix of kitchen design and functionality. This countertop edge is very popular due the the soft rounded top edge creating beautiful and harmless lines that run the length of the kitchen surfaces, also, creating a drip path that does not lead back to the cabinetry below the surface. The functional design hidden within the edge ensures the spill will not run on the underside of the countertop.

Full Round / Bullnose Edge

A Full Round or Full Bullnose edge will take all angles and edges off the countertop creating a soft, semi-circular edge profile. It’s an edge that’s versatile enough to blend in any design. One drawback about this edge though is that any spills on the counter may trickle down along the curved edge into the cabinetry below. As long as you take care to wipe up all liquids immediately before they reach the edge, it’ll be fine.

Full Bullnose Edge - Countertop Edges
Ogee Edge - Countertop Edges

Ogee Edge

The Ogee edge is a popular staple when it comes to natural stone countertop edges. The suave “S” shaped edge provides a classic look for the traditional kitchen. The Ogee will help highlight the beauty of your stone surfaces.

Laminated Edges

A Laminated edge provides the look of a robust surface without the actual weight and ramifications a slab that thick could create. This edge is created by glueing stone underneath the edge of the countertop material. It is most popular where any sub-straight material needs to hidden.

Laminated Edge - Countertop Edges
Mitered Edge Countertop Edges