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Blue Granite Countertops in Your Kitchen

With all of its natural beauty, it is not difficult to see why blue granite countertops are a favorite of many. If you are interested in incorporating it into your home, contact us for a free estimate on our website or by phone at (864) 633-2366.

Granite has been used for centuries to make works of art that will last a lifetime. So why not bring the timeless beauty of granite into your kitchen? Like an artist, you must choose the colors that you want to work with. While past trends have pointed to a light countertop with uniform movement, uniqueness […]

Home Decor Trends of 2020

Arctic Ivory Quartz kitchen countertop

At the start of a new decade, now is the perfect time to renovate your home. However, keeping your home up to date on the latest trends can be difficult. While you want your home to look beautiful, constantly modeling yourself off of the latest trends can be a burden. To help make sense of it all, here is a list of all the new home decor trends for the upcoming decade.

How To Clean Granite / Natural Stone Countertops

Luna Pearl Granite kitchen countertops install

Your granite countertops are now installed, now the simple part, the cleaning! You recently picked out your new granite countertop and got it installed in your kitchen and/or bathroom, but do you know how to take care of it? Granite is beautiful, durable and it doesn’t require much maintenance. However, it is susceptible to staining […]

5 Reason To Own Silestone Quartz Countertops

Silestone Et Calacatta Gold Quartz Kitchen Countertops

If you are researching to completely remodel your kitchen or if you are just looking to update your countertops to quartz, Silestone quartz countertops are a great option. Although Silestone has been a dominant quartz supplier for the better part of the past two decades, their recent designs and products have made them a top […]

Why Quartz Countertops are Gaining Popularity in Greenville Spartanburg

Tropical White Quartz kitchen countertop sink area

Quartz countertops have been gaining popularity for several years and are quickly becoming the number one choice for kitchen countertops. There are many reasons people are investing in quartz for their home. Let’s take a look at why you might want to consider quartz countertops for your next remodel. Selection One of the most appealing […]