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Large marble kitchen island room centerpiece

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Premium Marble Counters

Are you searching for an addition that will add superior elegance to your kitchen and/or bathroom? Few other additions have the visual impact of Marble countertops. This beautiful stone is mainly thought of for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, but Marble can add to any decor in virtually every room of a house. Here are some thoughts and factors to keep in mind while searching for the perfect slab of Marble.

Marble kitchen countertop and island in contrasting colors in Spartanburg, SC

What is Marble?

Marble is simply a type of rock, however, this beautiful rock was formed over large sums of time through the process of metamorphosis. Starting with its original composition of usually Limestone, add intense pressure and heat on that base material and recrystallization occurs.

Marble varies in a large array of colors, the color and flow of the stone depends on the minerals in the mix. For example, limestone with a large amount of Magnesium Silicate will usually serpentine, a dark green marble. Sometimes this stone has a snake skin like pattern.

Give Mother Nature other materials to work with such as; sand, clay or iron oxide and beautiful Marble colored from red an blue through brown and gray, even vibrant yellows can occur.

Marble kitchen counter with tile backsplash installed

Why Use Marble?

Marble countertops can be a prized possession. It is amazing at resisting heat and known for its outstanding durability. Marble also requires some maintenance to secure its beauty and feel for the life of the install. Particularly, Marble must be sealed properly after installation and re-sealed every two to three years. This will ensure that staining will not occur. Also, any spill should be cleaned immediately, especially ones involving acidic liquids.

Marble kitchen island with sink installed in Spartanburg, SC

Marble Countertop Colors

Most people associate Marble with the bright white stone used by sculptors in Ancient Greek art. However, stonemasons know that there are a large variety of colors available. Shades of White and Gray are great for backdrops pieces to almost any decor but the beautiful shades of blue, green, dark black, pink, and yellow can create a marvelous centerpiece in any kitchen or bathroom. For an extra cost, the veining in the marble can be book matched for a stunning effect.

Marble kitchen sink counter close-up of craftsmanship

Our Process

Understanding the process - Premier Granite, through experience, developed the simple yet effective process of completing the installation of a Granite Countertop in 5-7 days! Outlined below is a synopsis of our innovative process.

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